Jerry Jones: 'Josh Brent deserves an opportunity'

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says former Dallas defensive tackle Josh Brent deserves a chance to continue his football career, and the Cowboys will consider giving him that chance.

Brent recently completed a jail term of 180 days resulting from the 2012 drunken-driving death of teammate Jerry Brown. Brent was the driver in the crash that killed Brown, and tests showed his blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit in Texas.

He is currently in a rehabilitation facility for substance abuse, which a judge ordered him to as part of his 10-year probation. 

At the beginning of last season's training camp, Brent announced his retirement from the NFL. But he could apply for reinstatement, and the Dallas Newsreports that Brent intends to attempt a comeback. 

“I do believe in paying your debt,” Jones said. "We have stood with Josh Brent from the very beginning and continue. Josh Brent deserves an opportunity. I know firsthand he has contrition. So, yes, I will consider giving him an opportunity.”

Should Brent return, he could face additional discipline from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell before being allowed to play. When the incident occurred, Brent was in his third season in the NFL. 

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- Molly Geary