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Ray Rice holds first press conference since domestic abuse suspension

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Ravens running back Ray Rice addressed the media Thursday for the first time since the NFL suspended him two games for dragging his then-fiancée Janay Palmer from a casino elevator.

Rice used the opportunity to publicly apologize to Palmer, now his wife, and said the couple plan to speak out together against domestic violence.

Rice called his actions "totally inexcusable," and said the incident was "the biggest mistake of my life."

"Violence of any kind, especially man on woman, is not right," Rice said. "I have to pay for that."

Rice refused to elaborate on exactly what happened inside the elevator. Twice he was asked what happened that night, but refused to talk specifically about what happened.

"I don't want to keep reliving the incident," Rice said. "What happened that night was a huge mistake on my behalf. What happened that night was something that should have never happened."

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Rice repeated several times that he is trying to become a "better father, better husband, better role model."

When asked if he thought his two-game suspension from the NFL was fair, Rice said that he had no control over his punishment.

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Ravens head coach John Harbaugh spoke with the media Wednesday about Rice and said he was "disappointed in what happened" but "proud of how [Rice] has handled it."

- Dan Gartland