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Despite the chaos of the past two weeks in the NFL, according to NFL executives, the league supports NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and he will not be losing his job.

By SI Wire
September 19, 2014

Despite the chaos of the past two weeks in the NFL, Tim Graham of The Buffalo News reports that the league supports NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and he will not be losing his job.

Goodell, who has not held a press conference in nine days, will be speaking to the media on Friday afternoon at 3 p.m.

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From The Buffalo News:

Over the past couple days, I've spoken to several NFL team executives, and they told me repeatedly the league is undivided in its support of its commissioner. The executives said there has been no consideration given to replacing him.

These comments were made off the record. This was not posturing for the sake of showing a unified front in the media. The people who run the NFL and technically employ Goodell to serve at their command are supporting him, apparently without question.

Earlier in the day, Goodell announced that in the next 30 days, all NFL personnel will participate in educational sessions on domestic violence and sexual assault.

Recently Goodell has been under fire for the way he and the NFL have handled domestic violence from NFL players.

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- Sarah Barshop

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