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According to data released by Twitter Tuesday, ex-Ravens running back Ray Rice was the NFL's most mentioned player during Week 3. 

By SI Wire
September 23, 2014

According to data released by Twitter on Tuesday, ex-Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was the NFL's most mentioned player during Week 3.

Rice has been among the top two most mentioned players in each of the season's first three weeks. Last week, just Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who is also embroiled in controversy, was mentioned more. Peterson was the fourth-most mentioned player this week. 

The data was collected from Thursday through Monday, covering every game played in the NFL this week, and thus included the press conference that Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti held Monday to dispute an ESPN report on the team's handling of the Rice case.

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The Super Bowl rematch between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks was the most mentioned game of the week. Denver quarterback Peyton Manning was mentioned more often than any player but Rice, and Seattle's Russell Wilson was the fifth-most mentioned player of the week. 

Washington wide receiver DeSean Jackson was the third-most mentioned player. Jackson was playing his first game against the Eagles since being released by Philadelphia this offseason. He got in a shoving match with Eagles players in the first quarter and later mocked his opponent with a wing flapping celebration on a touchdown.

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