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December 01, 2014

Plumbing repairs at Lucas Oil Stadium will cost up to $2 million, according to Mark Alesia of the Indianapolis Star

The home of the NFL's Indianapolis Colts and Saturday's Big Ten Football Championship Game needs repairs to pipe insulation that officials say was either improperly installed or "deteriorated prematurely." The issue is not "an immediate threat," according to John Klipsch, executive director of the building authority​

The cost of the repairs will be split between the Indiana Stadium Convention and Building Authority, which oversaw the design and construction of the stadium, and the Capital Improvement Board, which operates the facility.

Lucas Oil Stadium opened in 2008. The $720 million structure also has two other "major" construction issues, including flooding from the roof drains and corrosion of pipes in the restrooms, sinks and water fountains, which were replaced in 2011, according to Klipsch.

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Klipsch added that the building authority has recovered $13.8 million in insurance money.

"As in all mediations, you don't get everything you ask for or claim as a problem," Klipsch said. "For us to recover all but a million dollars of $15 million is a great settlement. You wouldn't do that good in court."

According to the Star, the issues stem from construction work done by contractor Frank E. Irish Co., which went out of business before the stadium was finished. A performance bond was needed to complete the building.

Lucas Oil Stadium will be the site for Saturday's Big Ten Championship between Ohio State and Wisconsin.

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