NFL Week 13 Sour Rankings: New England Patriots' Tom Brady can't control his frustration on sidelines in Green Bay

By Chris Burke
December 01, 2014

The updated Power Rankings arrive on Wednesday. But first, the Sour Rankings take a spin through the worst of the past week in the NFL …

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10. Priorities!: The NFL's latest unnecessary crackdown came Sunday after the Panthers-Vikings game, which was played in sub-zero wind chills. During the game, FOX's Mike Pereira mentioned that the teams were using provided heaters to warm frozen footballs before they were put into play.

That's a no-no, VP of officiating Dean Blandino told NFL AM:

Marvin Lewis' illegal challenge leads to Bengals victory vs. Buccaneers

"You can't do anything with the footballs ... whether you're heating them up, whether it's a regular game ball or kicking ball, you can't do anything to the football," Blandino said. "So that was noticed during the game, both teams were made aware of it during the game and we will certainly remind the clubs as we get into more cold-weather games that you can't do anything with the football in terms of heating them up with those sideline heaters."

We're still not entirely sure what counts as a catch and Marvin Lewis for some reason had to tell the officiating crew Sunday that Tampa Bay had 12 guys on the field during a key play, but yes, let's make sure the refs focus on this.

9. ​DeMarco Murray vs. Brennan ClayNot sure how much there is to add here. So take it away, Brennan ...​




Clay and Murray were teammates at Oklahoma.

8. Kyle Orton's snack: Remember way back when Mark Sanchez was skewered for eating a hot dog during a game? Well, Kyle Orton's go-to as the seconds ticked away late in Buffalo's Sunday win may not be as offensive to the football-etiquette police. But it probably was less tasty than Sanchez's bite. (GIF via SBNation)

7. Patrick Peterson has a very bad day: Peterson essentially threw down the gauntlet for Julio Jones ahead of Arizona's trip to Atlanta on Sunday, but Jones responded with a career-high 189 yards receiving in a 29-18 Falcons victory. Even Peterson's own coach took the star cornerback to task after the game.

"You better watch out when you call people out," Bruce Arians said, via "You better be ready to play. If you're going to call them out, call them out but don't give up [10] and a career day. ...

"Just back it up. It's OK to talk. Just back it up."

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6. Coby Fleener's drop: The Colts' tight end enjoyed something of a career day himself -- his 127 yards receiving fell just 17 shy of his best performance ever, and he scored twice. However, Washington's defense did its part to help Fleener light the stat sheet on fire by playing some of the worst coverage you'll ever see.

Of course, Fleener could have added another 50-plus yards and a third touchdown to his Week 13 resume, except for ...

5. Oh, the RaidersFlorida has provided some recent examples of teammates-blocking-teammates. The title for best tackle of a player by his own teammate, though, now belongs to the Raiders' Ray-Ray Armstrong. In the midst of his team's humiliating 52-0 loss in St. Louis, Armstrong inadvertently laid out Travis Carrie. (GIF via SBNation)

4. Terrance Newman, meet Mike EvansEvans really deserves a spot on Week 13's best-of list for the play in question here. But since we do not have such a post available, Newman instead must suffer the indignity of a Sour Rankings mention. The Cincinnati cornerback was leveled on what may have been the block of the year, handed out by Evans.

To make sure all credit lands where it's due, we will mention that Newman had a key interception as part of the Bengals' 14-13 win.

3. Andy Dalton plays through the pain: One more from that Cincinnati triumph in Tampa Bay. QB Andy Dalton had a shaky outing, who fired three interceptions (albeit in addition to hitting A.J. Green for what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown), but an explanation for Dalton's rough afternoon came courtesy of the Cincinnati Enquirer:

[Dalton] took IVs in the morning to replenish fluids, but this 24-hour bug picked poor timing as kickoff drew nearer and symptoms refused to relent.

"He threw up at least 20 times I saw," receiver Mohamed Sanu said. "He threw up so many times."

2. You win this round, Buffalo: Johnny Manziel's first drive after taking over for Brian Hoyer Sunday went off in typical Johnny Manziel fashion. He scrambled for yards on first down, moved the Browns down the field, then dove into the end zone for a rushing touchdown. And, of course, he topped it all off by letting loose his "money" celebration.

The Bills and their fans had the last laugh. On Cleveland's next possession, Manziel nearly coughed up a Buffalo touchdown -- he appeared to fumble into the end zone on sack, but the play was ruled an incompletion on review. The drive still ended with a turnover-on-downs ... and not before the raucous fans at Ralph Wilson Stadium crowd mustered up some payback.

1. Tom Brady is getting upset: This is not Tom Brady's first Sour Rankings rodeo. The Patriots' quarterback tends to be something of a gold mine when it comes to sideline reactions, be they jovial or angry.

Sunday's New England loss to Green Bay provided the latter.

Still want more? Well, then you also have whatever the heck this is:

Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)