Lions' James Ihedigbo says he and Glover Quin are NFL's best safeties

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The Lions' formidable front seven may be more well-known than their secondary, but Detroit safety James Ihedigbo thinks his unit is just as worthy of acclaim. 

Ihedigbo said Monday that he and Glover Quin are the best pair of safeties in the league.

"You know, for me, you ask me without a doubt, I feel we’re the best safety tandem in the NFL," Ihedigbo told NFL Network, according to the Detroit Free Press. "I’m not talking about last year or years before that. No, this season we are the best safety tandem in the NFL."

Quin and Ihedigbo both had interceptions in Detroit's win over the Buccaneers Sunday, bringing their league-leading season total to nine. 

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"I give a lot of respect for those guys in Seattle and San Fran, and they do a great job, they play amazing ball," Ihedigbo said. "But for the production that we have—our job on defense is to be playmakers, is to create turnovers, is to get the football. For us to be able to do that this year and be doing it at the level that we’re doing it across the board, without a doubt, I guess what’s the saying, numbers don’t lie?"

Detroit is second in the NFL in total defense behind the Seahawks. The Lions' pass defense ranks tenth in yards allowed, but is tied for second in interceptions and is tied for fifth in touchdowns allowed.

The Lions are 9-4 thus far this season, having clinched the second winning season since 2001.

- Phil Watson