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Le'Veon Bell: I would rather get hit in the head than hit in the knee


Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell joined SI Now on Thursday, where host Maggie Gray asked him about the knee injury that kept him from playing in his team's first-round playoff loss. 

Bell was injured on hit by Cincinnati Bengals safety Reggie Nelson. 

Bell said he thought the hit was a result of the NFL's crackdown on high hits. 

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"I wouldn't necessarily say it was a dirty hit," Bell said. "I just think the hit was a product of the NFL rule. Guys are trying to protect their paycheck. They don't want to hit high and get fined."

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"When got hit in my knee, it was such a scary thing for me," Bell added. "For me, I would rather get hit in the head and get a concussion for one or two weeks, rather than get hit in my knee and be out for the whole year."

- Dan Gartland