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Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy said the team is not in favor of changes to the league’s instant replay system.

By SI Wire
March 23, 2015

Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy said the team likely won't support any changes to the league’s instant replay system, the Journal Sentinel’s Tom Silverstein reports.

At this week’s owners meetings, the league will discuss 23 rule change proposals, including 13 proposals centering on changing instant replay rules.

Murphy said the team feels the proposed replay rules venture too far away from the original reasons replay was instituted.

"You have to go back to kind of the roots and the origin of instant replay," said Murphy, who is a member of the competition committee, which will present the rules proposals to ownership this week. "It was really meant to correct the obvious mistakes, the obvious officiating mistakes that cost teams games."

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Instead, Murphy said he wants the on-field officiating to improve so less replay is needed. The Packers benefited from replay during the playoffs when officials overturned a catch by Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant late in the NFC divisional round. 

The Detroit Lions have proposed making all penalties eligible for review, and the New England Patriots want additional cameras on the sidelines, end lines and goal lines to help with replay decisions.

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