Chargers to start new stadium negotiations with city, county

The Chargers will start new stadium negotiations on financial plans with the city and San Diego county
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The San Diego Chargers, representatives from city hall and San Diego County will start negotiations on financial plans next week for a new football stadium in the city’s Mission Valley area, reports The San Diego Union Tribune.

The Chargers have said they will relocate to Los Angeles if they don’t get a new stadium to replace 70,000-seat Qualcomm Stadium, which opened in 1967.

An advisory group appointed by San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer released a tentative financing plan last week, with the hopes of jumpstarting talks for a new $1.3 billion stadium.

Team officials want to keep the Chargers in town, and the NFL said that if the team leaves San Diego that is unlikely the league would return to the city with a franchise.

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Faulconer's financial plan wants the Chargers to fork over $300 million for the stadium, well above what the team said it would be willing to give for the project.

The Chargers' backup plan is a $1.7 billion stadium to be shared with the Oakland Raiders in Carson, Calif., after the Carson city council unanimously approved a stadium plan last month.

- Scooby Axson