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SI Vault: Jake Plummer walked away from NFL to find true happiness

People might think about Jake Plummer and wonder, ‘What the hell was he thinking?’ Who requests a wake-up call while living the American Dream?

You have to wonder why a red-blooded American male in his prime would walk away from fame and fortune as an NFL quarterback to play handball and hang with his family and dogs. Don't you? As we celebrate the Fourth of July this week, a look back at how Jake Plummer, who seemingly had The American Dream in his hand, abruptly walked away from it all at the age of 32. The death of his friend Pat Tillman helped him make his decision, as he realized that, in Plummer's own words, "there's so much more to do in life." This story originally appeared in the February 14, 2011 issue of Sports Illustrated. To subscribe to the magazine go here.