The full transcript from Tom Brady's appeal hearing over Deflategate was made public on Tuesday.

By SI Wire
August 04, 2015

The full transcript from Tom Brady's appeal hearing over Deflategate was obtained by media outlets on Tuesday following the NFLPA's filing in court. ProFootballTalk published the document here

The hearing was between Brady and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Goodell wound up upholding Brady's four-game suspension for allegedly possessing knowledge of game balls having been deflated prior to the AFC championship game. However, the NFLPA is now suing the league on behalf of Brady. 

Brady denied any wrongdoing, testifying that he has never asked anyone from the Patriots to alter footballs in any way after he has approved them and has never told anyone on the Patriots to change the inflation level of the footballs after he approved them. 

The quarterback testified that the inflation level of footballs never comes up as a factor when he chooses which balls he wants to use on game days. He also said he never discusses inflation levels with team employee John Jastremski during this process.

Ted Wells: Tom Brady not turning over phone was ‘ill-advised’

Attorney Ted Wells, who previously released an investigative report into the allegations that led to Brady's suspension, testified that he did not tell Brady he would be subject to punishment for not turning over documents and evidence such as his phone.

Brady also said Wells and his team never said he would be disciplined in any way if he did not turn over texts or emails. Asked if he would have turned over the documents if Wells had said “look, this is your duty to cooperate,” the quarterback said yes. 

Goodell has alleged that Brady obstructed the NFL’s investigation into Deflategate by destroying the cell phone he used during the time period surrounding the AFC championship game.

During the investigation, Brady had refused to turn over his phone to NFL investigators, who were looking for evidence of text messages between Brady and Patriots staffers Jim McNally and Jastremski. 

Brady said his lawyers told him that there was a request for his texts and emails and that they “didn't think it’s proper” for Brady to turn his phone over. Brady said he would have turned documents over if his lawyers felt he should have. 

The quarterback also testified that he did not have any texts or emails where he talked about deflating footballs in connection to the AFC championship game and had nothing that he was worried about hiding. 


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