Tom Brady is no longer expected to attend a Wednesday hearing after suspension settlement talks stalled. 

By SI Wire
August 18, 2015

Tom Brady, Roger Goodell and their lawyers engaged in more settlement talks Tuesday, but “got nowhere,” reports ESPN's Adam Schefter. 

Because of the lack of progress in settlement talks, Brady is now no longer planning to attend a Wednesday hearing in front of Judge Richard M. Berman, according to multiple reports

Brady was originally planning on missing practice with the Patriots and attending the hearing instead. He missed Tuesday's practice for the settlement discussions in front of one of Berman's magistrates. 

Goodell and Brady met face-to-face in front of Berman on Aug. 12, with the NFL seeking to uphold Brady's Deflategate suspension in federal court. The two sides also filed memorandums to Berman on Friday night. 

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So far, the settlement talks have hinged on the NFL's insistence that Brady admit to culpability in the Deflategate scandal. Brady has said under oath he was not involved, and is reportedly refusing to settle if the NFL requires him to admit guilt. 

Berman is expected to cut off discussions Sept. 4 and issue an order at that time. 

- Rohan Nadkarni



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