There was nearly a fight between the Eagles and Ravens at their joint practice until Tim Tebow intervened.

By SI Wire
August 19, 2015

In wake of the fights breaking out at joint practices—the Rams and Cowboys this week, the Redskins and Texans earlier in August as depicted on HBO's Hard Knocks—it isn't that shocking to hear that there was nearly a fight between the Eagles and Ravens Wednesday.

That is, until Tim Tebow intervened.

From reports, it was unclear exactly who was fighting or why, but apparently the situation got heated between Philly's third-team offense and Baltimore's third-team defense, one way or the other.

That is, until Eagles quarterback Tim Tebow stepped in. The reason we don't know more about the fight itself could be that Tebow snuffed everything out so quickly that it didn't matter. 

As Bleacher Report's Mike Tanier put it, they parted like the Red Sea.

Tebow is currently thought to be vying with Matt Barkley for the third-string quarterback spot with the Eagles. His diplomatic talents can't hurt his cause.

Jeremy Woo



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