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Jim McMahon: Bill Belichick is a liar, probably a cheater

Former Chicago Bears QB Jim McMahon says Bill Belichick is a liar, and probably a cheater. 
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Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon said he knows New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick to be a "liar." 

Appearing on the Dan Patrick Show, McMahon said Belichick “lied to [his] face” when the quarterback was with Belichick in Cleveland in 1995. McMahon followed up by saying “cheating ain't far behind, I don't think,” in regards to New England's Deflategate scandal. 

McMahon accused Belichick of lying about McMahon's roster spot when the quarterback joined the Browns in 1995. McMahon said he and his wife bought a house in Cleveland after Belichick assured the quarterback he would make the roster. McMahon was cut after only three weeks with Cleveland. 

McMahon, most famously known for his time in Chicago, where he led the 1985 Bears to a Super Bowl victory, would join the Green Bay Packers for two seasons after his release from the Browns. 

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is currently defending himself in federal court from a four-game suspension levied by commissioner Roger Goodell for Deflategate. The Patriots organization was also punished, but Belichick himself has not been involved for much of the Deflategate scandal.