From Tyrod Taylor's fashion to Jameis Winston's first career pass/interception, Chris Burke highlights the worst of NFL's Week 1.

By Chris Burke
September 14, 2015

The updated Power Rankings arrive on Wednesday. But first, the Sour Rankings take a spin through the worst of the past week in the NFL …

Honorable mention, fashion category: Tyrod Taylor's shirt

Not sure I have anything to add because this is way outside of my personal fashion window, but bonus points given to this one for the #TyrodTailored hash tag, though. It looks like we have a new ideal career path for Taylor: take Buffalo to the playoffs, entrench himself as a longstanding starting quarterback, retire and open a chain of boutique clothing stores in western New York.

10. The Rams go trolling

The Seahawks have ruled the NFC for the past two seasons, so the Rams did not pass on an opportunity to gloat—at Russell Wilson's expense—following Sunday's upset win.

Circle the rematch on your calendars: Dec. 27.

9. Dan Bailey's NBC headshot

This is Dan Bailey's photo on the Cowboys' official website. Nice. Good smile. Seems happy to be taking part in the picture-taking process.

NBC apparently did not catch him at such an opportune moment.

I'm sure it takes awhile to get all the key players in for their photo shoots, but it's not like the graphics guys are using Polaroids. Delete it and try again. Maybe next time, Dan.

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8. Extra points

There were eight PAT misses all of last season, and there were four on Sunday. So whether or not you believe the NFL really needed to spice up extra points, the league succeeded in making them less automatic.

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Bonus craziness: The Browns' Travis Coons connected on a 48-yard extra point that has to be the longest in NFL history. Cleveland was called for two separate penalties before Coons' make (illegal formation and holding), pushing the spot back from the 15 to the 30.

San Diego's Josh Lambo was not as fortunate. The Chargers actually lined up to go for two following one of their TDs, from the 2-yard line as the rule goes, only to be called for delay of game. So when they then decided to kick the extra point, the penalty turned the attempt into a 38-yarder. Lambo pushed it wide right.

7. Antonio Brown's hair

Dipping back to Thursday night's pregame show for this one, but who could forget it? Before the Steelers and Patriots opened the season, Brown showed off for the world his new haircut. And, um ...

Brown tweeted out a selfie Sunday with an updated look: a mohawk.

6. Ryan Tannehill's fumble

Fire up the Yakety Sax ...

Miami rallied to win Sunday, so this blooper-reel worthy turnover probably won't sting quite as much. Still fun to watch, though.

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5. "Is Ndamukong Suh a dirty player?", episode 5,103

Looks like we'll be having the same discussions about Suh as a Dolphin that we did when he was a Lion. Suh dodged any discipline from the NFL for this incident with Washington's Alfred Morris, but his critics no doubt counted it as yet another strike against him.

Intentional? Incidental? There's usually a thin line with Suh, and his history of playing on the edge does him few favors when reaching a verdict. When asked if he kicked Morris on purpose, Suh said this:

Later, Suh accidentally—at least it seemed like an accident that time—poked Washington lineman Morgan Moses in the eye as the two jostled at the line. Moses left the game with his eye swollen shut after the play.

4. The Seahawks' start to OT

What's more stunning than an onside kick to start overtime? How about an accidental onside kick to start overtime?

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The NFL's OT rules kinda, sorta give teams reason to consider an onside kick if they lose the toss (and the team that wins takes the ball). Unless a touchdown is scored, both teams get a chance at possession, but an onside kick actually is considered a "chance at possession" for the receiving team. So, recover an onside kick and score, and you win.

Two issues here, for the Seahawks: a) they didn't recover, so St. Louis needed just one first down to reach field-goal range; b) Pete Carroll didn't call an onside kick.

Seattle still had a chance to tie or win the game after the Rams scored three, but this was a bizarre one nonetheless.

3. Jameis Winston's first career pass

Nowhere to go but up, Jameis:

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2. Adam Jones declares martial law

Three officials were in the vicinity when this occurred, and two threw flags. Somehow, Adam Jones was not ejected for smashing Amari Cooper's head into his own helmet:

The refs did hit Jones with a 15-yard penalty. Jones will not be suspended by the league, but the league office could still fine him.

1. Miss America on ... Deflategate?

Apparently, this is what passes for a question during the Miss America pageant:

That's Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell, dropping the hammer on Tom Brady: “If there was any question to be had, I think that he definitely cheated and that he should have been suspended for that. That’s not fair.”

Not sure how that answer helped any of the judges decide which contestant deserved to be Miss America, but Cantrell actually went on to win.


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