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From punting and tackling issues to Ryan Fitzpatrick's high-pitched giggle and Matt Cassel's intentional grounding interception, Chris Burke rounds up the best of the worst in the Week 15 Sour Rankings.

By Chris Burke
December 20, 2015

The updated Power Rankings arrive on Wednesday. But first, the Sour Rankings take a spin through the worst of the past week in the NFL …

Honorable mention, Ben Roethlisberger Is a Wizard category

Wait, can he read the scroll on the bottom of the CBS broadcast? Yes, the Falcons won, Ben.

Honorable mention, Byron Jones Is Unbreakable category

Will just include the link to this one, if you want to see it, because I’d hate for someone to stumble on it by accident here. Although, to be fair, it does more or less defy medical science.

While making a tackle Saturday, Jones suffered what appeared to be a dislocated knee, leaving his leg bent at a horrible angle. But rather than call for the trainers, he just popped the knee back into place and kept playing.

I dislocated my knee freshman year of high school and still have problems with it, almost two decades later. Jones stayed in an NFL game. You win, Byron.

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10. Good tackle, wrong team

Not much is going wrong at the moment for the Cardinals, who rolled to a Sunday night win over Philadelphia. They did so in spite of this play, where Troy Niklas flattened his teammate, Patrick Peterson, forcing a fumble.

9. The Ravens’ fake punt

Was this an example of a team with nothing to lose leaving it all on the field, or a team long eliminated from the playoffs just not really caring what happens anymore? It’s probably the former, but it felt a little like the latter.

On a 4th-and-9 from their own 17 Sunday, the Ravens ran a fake punt. They didn’t make it.

As far as failed fake punts go, this one is far from the bottom of the barrel this season. It did, however, lead to a Kansas City touchdown mere moments later.

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8. Bruce Gaston’s double helmet

That does not appear to be a regulation helmet, buddy.

Usually when this type of thing happens, it’s in a pile. Can’t remember the last time, if ever, a player just walked around with an extra helmet attached to his.

7. Trying to tackle Joey Iosefa

Perhaps you are not familiar with Iosefa, and you’re forgiven if so. The 2015 seventh-round pick (Tampa Bay) out of Hawaii did not have an NFL carry prior to Sunday, when he was promoted up from the Patriots’ practice squad to provide a little depth.

Iosefa rushed for 51 yards on 14 carries vs. Tennessee, including this reenactment of a monster truck against a Prius when Coty Sensabaugh tried to tackle him.

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6. DeAndre Hopkins is mad

The Texans won Sunday to grab sole possession of first place in the AFC South. So Hopkins probably was in a better mood by the end of the night than he was when asking for a pass interference call here (R-rated language):

5. Look out for Johnny

At what point do you think this official realized he was screwed? He couldn’t turn around because he had to keep watching the play, but he also couldn't backpedal out of the way quickly enough.

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4. J.J. Watt putting on headphones

Playing football obviously is a little difficult for a player with a broken hand. Watt showed Sunday that other, more everyday tasks can be a bit more challenging, too.

3. Ryan Fitzpatrick gets scared

As the Jets’​ QB conducted his postgame interview on the NFL Network, teammate Nick Mangold decided run up and yell in Fitzpatrick’s face. This was the resulting reaction:

Click here to watch the entire interview (and to hear Fitzpatrick’s explanation for what happened to his nose).

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2. The worst punt of ... 2015? All-time?

Drop kicks are legal in the NFL, which is not something that should up by accident but here we are.

That’s Buffalo punter Colton Schmidt swinging and missing before somehow catching the ball on a ricochet. Schmidt wound up with a 17-yard punt on the play, remarkably.

1. Matt Cassel’s intentional grounding interception

Well, this is a first, at least by my recollection. During Saturday night’s loss to the Jets, Cowboys QB Matt Cassel threw a pass so bad that he was called for intentional grounding ... and it was intercepted by Darrelle Revis.

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