It took until the final week of the season, but the Cardinals have finally flown into the top spot of Chris Burke's Power Rankings. Here's how the rest of the teams shake out heading into Week 17.

By Chris Burke
December 30, 2015

The Patriots held the No. 1 spot in our Power Rankings from Week 1 through Week 11. The Panthers then jumped atop the mantle when New England faltered in Week 12, holding the lead until their first loss in Week 16.

And now, finally, the Cardinals have their turn. 

Will they still be there come Feb. 8, the day after Super Bowl 50? Will the Patriots overcome their injury woes to repeat? Or can one of the other contenders, led by 14–1 Carolina, get to the top? 

It should be a fun ride finding out. As the regular season wraps, here are how the Power Rankings stand:

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