Report: Goodell says home markets failed Chargers, Raiders, Rams

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly criticized stadium plans in St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland.
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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has described stadium proposals in St. Louis, Oakland and San Diego as “unsatisfactory and inadequate,” reports Sam Farmer and Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times.

Goodell made the comments in a 48-page report sent to the NFL’s 32 owners, reports by the Times. The Rams, Raiders and Chargers have all applied to relocate to Los Angeles.

The report is meant to inform teams around the league about the home markets of the franchises attempting to relocate. 24 league owners must approve the relocation application in a vote. In the NFL report, Goodell says St. Louis, Oakland and San Diego had “ample opportunity but did not develop their proposals sufficiently to ensure the retention of its NFL team.”

The rise, fall and potential return of the NFL in Los Angeles

St. Louis has made a proposal to keep the team that includes league funding and public money. San Diego’s proposal to keep the team would go to a public vote in June. Oakland has not made a formal stadium proposal to the Raiders.

Oakland and San Diego are attempting to move into a joint stadium in Carson City, Calif., while Rams owner Stan Kroenke hopes to build a stadium in Inglewood.