Michael Irvin: Cowboys can help Johnny Manziel

Former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin thinks Johnny Manziel could find the right fit in Dallas.
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Former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin thinks Johnny Manziel could find the right fit in Dallas.

After Manziel’s latest round of controversial off-field behavior — an altercation with an ex-girlfriend — the Cleveland Browns are expected to release the former first-round pick.

In an appearance with Rich Eisen of the NFL Network, offered to personally help Manziel adjust his lifestyle and said he thinks that the Cowboys could be a fit for the young quarterback. Irvin hopes the team will take a chance on him.

“There will come a time when he will cross over that threshold and become a great football player, and I am willing to work with him on that and I hope the Cowboys do get him,” Irvin said, according to the Dallas Morning News. “I know this kid has worked hard to get where he is. Let’s give the kid another shot, he lands in a better spot and get around the right kind of people. Help him become a better football player and a better man. That’s what the game of football does.”

Irvin added that he thinks Cowboys owner Jerry Jones could be a positive influence on Manziel. Jones has reportedly shown plenty of interest in Manziel in the past.

“There’s a lot of pressure with coming to play in Dallas,” Irvin admitted. “When you are around people that are more sympathetic and have dealt with issues like the Cowboys or like a Jerry Jones who will get in there and talk to him on a man-to-man level and help him come along as a man. [Jones] helped me become a better man, and he will take his time.

“When you know there is somebody pulling for you in the higher office, it does make a difference. I think it can make a difference in this kid’s life.”