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Asked about the HGH allegations involving his brother Peyton, Eli Manning took the opportunity to defend his brother.

By SI Wire
February 04, 2016

Eli Manning spoke up in defense of his brother Peyton this week when asked about allegations of human growth hormone use by the Denver Broncos quarterback.

USA Today asked Manning about the Al Jazeera America documentary that linked Peyton to HGH, a substance banned by the NFL.

“I just saw his comments right away and know 100% that everything just kind of came out of left field and (there’s) no truth to it,” Manning said. “I know Peyton takes great pride in doing things the right way, doing things by the book and he would never do anything like that. It has kind of been nipped in the bud a little bit and it’s not affecting him or distracting him in any way, which is a good thing.”

The New York Giants quarterback added that their parents raised them with a strict stance against cheating and using drugs.

“That’s the way we were raised,” he said. “Our father talked to us about doing things the right way and being a class act and not doing things illegally to get a competitive advantage. It’s playing by the rules, and we have great respect for the game of football and want to play within the rules, and definitely it’s a great message to kids about doing things the way they should be done.”

Eli added that he and Peyton had yet to even discuss the allegations and that his older brother remains focused on the Super Bowl.

The elder Manning will lead the Broncos against the Panthers on Sunday, with a chance to tie his brother with a second Super Bowl win.


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