Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel reportedly arrived to practice drunk at the end of the season.

By SI Wire
February 09, 2016

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel reportedly arrived at practice drunk near the end of the season, according to NFL Network’s Mike Silver.

“I was with a Browns player yesterday,” Silver said. “Johnny Manziel going into what would have been a start late in the season, showed up drunk at practice on a Wednesday.”

According to Silver’s report, the Browns lied to cover up for Manziel, claiming that he was in concussion protocol instead of admitting that he was intoxicated.

“The Browns lied to try and protect, and I would argue enable, this irresponsible and very troubled young man,” Silver said.

Manziel, who has been involved in a series of controversies throughout his two-year NFL career, is currently at the center of an investigation surrounding the alleged physical assault of his ex-girlfriend.

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He is expected to be released by the Browns in March.

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