Report: NFL, NFLPA moving toward changes to discipline process

Roger Goodell’s role in the NFL and NFLPA’s player-disciplinary process could soon change, according to a report.
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Roger Goodell’s role in the NFL and NFLPA’s player-disciplinary process could soon change, according to The Washington Post.

The NFL and NFLPA are progressing toward changes to the current system that would “likely” alter the commissioner’s responsibilities in the appeals process, the Post reports.  

The Washington Post reports that negotiations are ongoing. There is no clear timetable for a resolution as the players’ association seeks neutral arbitration for players appealing league discipline. Under current rules, appeals under the league’s personal conduct policy and integrity-of-the-game-rules are heard by Goodell unless he appoints a different individual.

Players currently have third-party arbitration for appeals of illegal on-field hits and punishment under NFL drug policies.

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The current system of discipline has come under scrutiny after several high–profile punishments—including suspensions for Jonathan Vilma (2012), Greg Hardy (2015) and Tom Brady (2015)—were overturned or reduced by an arbitrator.