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NFL, NFLPA set 2016 salary cap

The NFL and NFLPA have collaborated to set the 2016 salary cap at $155.27 million per team.

The NFL and NFLPA have collaborated to set the salary cap for the 2016 season at $155.27 million per team, reports Pro Football Talk.

The new cap is nearly $12 million more than last season’s limit of $143.3 million. It does not include the cap space that remains from last season, which can be applied by team’s in the upcoming NFL campaign.

The Seattle Seahawks have the smallest amount to be carried over with $11,587, while the Jacksonville Jaguars have the largest with $32.77 million.

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The total 2015 carryover amount is $203.96 million, setting the average per team at $6.4 million.