The New England Patriots released an 8,000-word document criticizing 15 ‘myths’ of the Ted Wells report on Deflategate.

By SI Wire
March 11, 2016

The New England Patriots released a document Friday criticizing what they believe to be 15 “myths” from the NFL-commissioned Ted Wells Report on Deflategate.

Tom Brady was suspended four games after the Wells Report said he was “generally aware” of a scheme to deflate footballs before the 2015 AFC Championship Game between the Colts and Patriots. Judge Richard Berman overturned the suspension before last season and the league’s appeal of Berman’s decision was heard this month.

The Patriots document, written by lawyer Daniel L. Goldberg, says the league ignored scientific evidence when measuring the air pressure of the footballs during the game.

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“This situation would have been brought to a quick close if the League had even a general awareness of the scientific impact of temperature and weather conditions on the PSI of footballs at the time of the AFC Championship Game,” writes Goldberg. 

The document also says the NFL’s lack of transparency during the investigation clouds its conclusions.

“The integrity of the League is of vital importance,” writes Goldberg. “One can only wonder if it has been seriously compromised by the League’s lack of transparency and what appears to be an ongoing effort to defend, rather than critically assess, the dubious conclusions and methodology of the Wells and Exponent Reports.”

In its appeal, the NFL’s central argument was that “the collective bargaining agreement gives the commissioner authority” to issue punishments. Goodell initially upheld Brady’s four game suspension last year after he deemed Brady participated in the deflation scheme and “engaged in willful obstruction.” 

The entire Patriots document can be read here.

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