Peyton Manning looking forward to watching football instead of playing

Peyton Manning doesn’t regret his decision to retire, and is looking forward to spending this fall watching football rather than playing.
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Recently retired quarterback Peyton Manning doesn’t regret his decision to end his career, and is looking forward to spending this fall watching football rather than playing, he told the Associated Press.

“I’m really excited about having a free fall (season) for the first time in 22 years,” Manning said.

“People have asked me during OTAs, did I have withdrawals or what not,” Manning said. “I just have not felt that way. Of course, the fall they say is a whole different deal and I can’t tell you until we get there, but...all I will say is I did not get shorted in any way. I got a full plate of football and saw it from lots of different angles. I’m very much at peace with it. I’m actually kind of looking forward to this fall and having a little free time.”

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Manning said retirement has kept him busier than ever, and has recently visited the White House, played in his charity golf tournament and spoken to the Tennessee football team.

“I no longer can say, ‘Hey, I can’t do that. I have practice that day.’ People know I’m available now, so I’m paying up on some 18-year commitments. But I really wanted to protect my fall to do some things I haven’t been able to do in 22 years.”

Manning plans to spend the fall attending games played by all of his former teams. He has already picked out three Tennessee games he will travel to, and will also watch some Broncos and Colts games as a fan. Manning said he also plans to watch some of his brother Eli’s games with the New York Giants.

“I’m going to see my little brother play in some normal games as opposed to always seeing him play in a Super Bowl where you can’t breathe until the last play,” Manning said.

Manning announced his decision to retire after 18 years in the NFL prior to the 2015 season and went on to win Super Bowl 50 with the Broncos.