Jets running back Matt Forte says he feels bad for his former teammate Jay Cutler.

By SI Wire
July 01, 2016

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Jets running back Matt Forte said he feels bad for his former teammate and Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Forte, speaking with Pro Football Weekly, said the media attention and criticism of Cutler has been unfair throughout the quarterback’s career.

“I feel bad for him because the cameras are constantly on him,” Forte told PFW. “They show his body language, and I mean, if you look on the sideline and something goes bad, everybody’s body langauge is that way. He’s the quarterback. He’s the one in the spotlight.”

Forte said Cutler’s personality has been misconstrued in the media because of his body language during games.

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“In the media, that’s the thing to pick on. That’s the thing that sells papers, so that’s what they’re gonna pick on,” Forte said. “That’s what they’re gonna write about no matter what he says. I’ve seen him grow from when he came in, it was my second year, all the way till now. He has kids, family, married – all that stuff, so he’s grown a lot. And, his personality has changed a lot over the years.”

Forte signed a three-year contract with the Jets in March. He played eight seasons with the Bears, all except one as a teammate of Cutler’s.

In his career, Cutler has thrown for 141 touchdowns and posted an 86.0 passer rating.

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