Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Chung is a missile when he’s bearing down on a ballcarrier.

July 01, 2016

Chung can start in the slot and move up into press coverage adeptly, but he is also responsible for playing a lot of snaps at linebacker depth, especially when the Patriots go to their dime packages. He wouldn’t be doing that for Bill Belichick if he didn’t know how to read the field, and he certainly does, especially when he’s crashing down on screens and shorter crossing routes. He can follow a tight end up the seam or into curl/flat responsibilities, and he is also tasked with taking on blockers on run plays and bubble screens. Chung gave up 18 receptions and allowed just 74 yards after the catch, which aligns with what you see on game day: He’s a missile when he’s bearing down on a ballcarrier.

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