Classic SI Photos of Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders was a one-of-a-kind talent, possibly the greatest cornerback in NFL history and a terrific showman. He dominated the game on defense and special teams, scoring touchdowns as a kick returner, punt returner, cornerback and even as a wide receiver. You could make the argument that Sanders was the greatest pure athlete ever to play pro football — he is the only player to ever score an NFL touchdown and hit a home run in a Major League Baseball game in the same week, a feat he accomplished in 1989. Not that it impacts his football accolades at all, but Sanders' baseball career spanned 1989-97, with a brief return in 2001. In celebration of his 49th birthday on Aug. 9, 2016, we present 21 classic SI photos of No. 21 — nicknamed "Prime Time" and "Neon Deion​" — through the years.
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