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On the Clock Podcast: Quarterbacks of the 2016 NFL draft

On this episode of SI’s NFL draft podcast, Chris Burke and Trevor Sikkema discuss whether their opinions of the starting rookie QBs have changed since the draft process.

As the 2016 college football season kicks into gear, so too does the analysis and discussion of the prospects who will define the 2017 NFL draft in Philadelphia. Welcome back to the On the Clock Podcast, a weekly look at the prospects of the 2017 draft and the NFL teams most in need of their services.

With four rookie QBs starting in the NFL this week, this episode takes a different approach than usual and looks back on the 2016 draft. Host Chris Burke and Trevor Sikkema of USA Today discuss about whether their opinions of these rookie quarterbacks have changed since the draft process, whether or not Cody Kessler will work out in the long run with the Browns, if they expected that Jared Goff (who’s NOT starting this weekend) to be a long-term project and more.

Enthusiasts of the 2017 draft, don’t worry! Trevor offers his opinion on Florida DB Marcus Maye, one of the best in the 2017 draft class, and Chris also talks about a handful of players who he is excited to watch in Week 4 of the college football season.

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