Video: Donald Trump mocks NFL’s handling of brain injuries

“Got a little ding on the head,” Donald Trump said. “No, no, you can’t play for the rest of the season.”
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At a campaign rally in Florida on Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was critical of the NFL’s concussion policy. 

A woman apparently fainted during the event but returned after receiving medical attention, leading Trump to praise her toughness in contrast to how the NFL handles brain injuries. 

“That woman was out cold and now she’s coming back,” Trump said. “See? We don’t go by these new, and very much softer, NFL rules. Concussion. Oh, oh! Got a little ding on the head. No, no, you can’t play for the rest of the season. Our people are tough.”

Trump also railed against the NFL’s increased concern for safety in a campaign speech in January, saying that the league is “soft” because helmet-to-helmet collisions are penalized.