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Aaron Rodgers had sexuality questioned because he didn’t ‘brag about his penis size'

A new book on Brett Favre says some Packer teammates questioned Aaron Rodgers’s sexuality.
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Some Packers teammates of Aaron Rodgers speculated that the quarterback might be gay since he was “not one to brag about his penis size,” according to an excerpt from Gunslinger: The Remarkable, Improbably, Iconic Life of Brett Favre by Jeff Pearlman.

The book is about Favre, but the Hall of Fame quarterback’s relationship with Rodgers is discussed throughout the text. 

Bleacher Report shared the following excerpt, an anecdote from early in Rodgers's career. 

“Rodgers was the butt of jokes — some that he heard, many that he did not. A rumor circulated around the locker room that he was gay, based upon the fact that — unlike many of his teammates — he wasn’t one to brag about his penis size or his endless string of sexual conquests. Favre sought out Rodgers’ weaknesses (a bad throw, a clumsy scramble) and took a selfish pleasure in noting them.”

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Rodgers is dating actress Olivia Munn and in 2013 told ESPN Radio that he was not gay.

“I’m not gay,” Rodgers said. “I really, really like women. That’s all I can say about that.”

The book chronicles Favre’s career and shares some of the tension between the two Packer quarterbacks toward the end of Favre’s time in Green Bay.