Lion Looks and NFL Spooks

Game day gear suggestions for Detroit fans. Plus some ideas for football-related Halloween costumes, a Steelers shirt for a great cause and more
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A couple weeks ago, I laid out a game day outfit for Eagles fans and the response was overwhelmingly positive. (Let’s just ignore this guy.) In particular, reader Lou R. in Las Vegas wrote in asking for me to tackle his beloved Lions. So on the eve of their big home game against the 4-2 Redskins, I’ll lay out a Lions look and also have notes on Halloween costumes and pink gear worth procuring.

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Game Day Gear


Before I list what you see above, a quick point of information: I wore essentially this same look to a Dodgers playoff game this week. I was comfortable, and my team won. Not sure how much more of an endorsement is needed.

Pants: J.Crew 484 Stretch Denim. I used to turn down my nose at jeans that had some stretch, but not any more. I bike frequently around town and doing that in raw selvedge is not recommended. A little give is great, especially on game day, where fans move around a lot. 

Shirt: Nike Historic Logo. One of these days I’ll stop recommending tri-blend T-shirts featuring vintage logos, but today is not it. It’s supposed to be 62 in Detroit, practically tank-top weather for Michiganders. But make sure you bring along this next piece for when it turns cold.

• Hoodie: Olivers Apparel Porter Hoodie. Nobody denies the versatility of hoodies, and when they’re elevated with merino wool and a trim, athletic fit like this one, their usefulness knows no bounds. Quite simply, this is the perfect piece of clothing. The fact that gray fits smartly into the Lions’ color scheme is an added bonus.

• Hat: SMPLFD Detroit Football Snapback. The signature item of this ensemble. Reader William D. of Detroit notified me of this brand, and I immediately loved their non-licensed interpretations of Detroit sports apparel. Their whole Lions collection is filled with f---in’ gems, so if you’re looking to stand out with items you can’t get everywhere, this is it.

Shoes: New Balance 574 Urban Twilight. It’s tough to pair shoes with black jeans, but if you keep things monochromatic, you’ll be set. The blue/gray sole combo is fire, too. 

Koozie: Lions Collapsible Can Cooler. Sweat the details and you’ll be good to go with this koozie at the tailgate. Might I suggest an Atwater to fill it?

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NFL Halloween Ideas

Halloween is next weekend, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate your love of football into your costume. Got a Broncos Manning jersey? Grab a quad cane and go as Retired Peyton. Own a Patriots hat? Go buy this shirt (or make your own) and go as noted tablet tosser Bill Belichick. Not a fan of the direction football is heading? Take a look at this:


This is Roger Goodell Killing Football, and here is what you’ll need:

• SUIT: Ol’ Rog seems to prefer navy blue, and don’t forget the power tie. Goodwill should have plenty of both.

LAPEL PIN: This is essential. Otherwise, you’re just a guy in a suit with a grim reaper mask. Can’t find the pin? Go with an NFL tie. Or you could carry around a football, and maybe it’s deflated too.

​• GRIM REAPER MASK: It doesn’t quite feel like a costume unless there’s a mask involved. You could also sub a black hoodie for the suitcoat and do ghoulish face makeup instead.

GRIM REAPER SCYTHE: The pièce de résistance. Have fun and don’t poke anyone’s eye out with that thing.  

Got any better football-related costume ideas? Please send them along—images welcomed too—right hereor hit me on Twitter. I plan to feature the best in an upcoming column.

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Helmets & Stripes

Steelers RB DeAngelo Wiliams

Steelers RB DeAngelo Wiliams

We get so used to the pink accents on uniforms this time of year, that it’s easy to forget the cause behind it. In conjunction with Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams, Pittsburgh brand Steel City is selling these T-shirts to help raise awareness for breast cancer. All proceeds go to the DeAngelo Williams Foundation, which provides free mammograms for women. ... On the other end of the spectrum, just in case you’re in the market for four-figured yoga mats, Baller Yoga has you covered. ... Let me join the chorus of others calling for the Dolphins to adopt these fire uniforms permanently. ... Got your MMQB gear from Homage yet? 

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