Tony Romo on Replacing Drew Bledsoe, Growing Up a Favre Fan

A conversation with the Cowboys quarterback, recorded at training camp in Oxnard, California in August. On his collarbone, being a childhood fan of Brett Favre, his journey from Eastern Illinois players to the NFL
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In this special episode of The MMQB Podcast with Peter King, we're airing my conversation with Tony Romo, the Cowboys former starting quarterback. This interview took place at Cowboys training camp in August, eight days before Romo was lost for 10 weeks with a broken bone in his back. At the time, there was barely any thought of Dak Prescott, other than a rookie learning the offense. We're releasing this interview now because of the intense interest in Romo, who has taken a backup role now that rookie quarterback Prescott has carried the team to an 8-1 record and took Romo's job. Earlier this week, Romo gave an honest and emotional statement to the media to recognize Prescott has earned the job and to surrender his former throne.

3:42: Romo on his history of collarbone injuries.

5:15: On growing up as a fan of Brett Favre in Wisconsin.

7:45: Did every high school quarterback in Wisconsin want to be Brett Favre ?

8:30: Romo on how he ended up at Eastern Illinois on a half scholarship.

10:00: Romo on picking between Denver and Dallas as a rookie free agent.

11:30: On why he didn't take the offer with the most money and how Sean Payton and the Cowboys got a great deal on him. "I still tell Sean to this day that he owes me 10,000."

14:00: Romo on replacing Drew Bledsoe.

16:19: Playing quarterback for the Dallas cowboys is one of the biggest jobs in sports. Romo on how he was able to come in as a small town kid and not get overwhelmed by the job.

21:28: Romo on how he manages to live a normal live as quarterback of the Cowboys.

27:30: On his interest in the mechanics of quarterbacking and the exact science of throwing a football.

30:20: Which quarterback throws the prettiest football?

32:30: Romo on the consequences of concussions and injury that may affect his post-football life.

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