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Playoff X-Factors: Players who will make or break all 12 teams' Super Bowl hopes

Superstars don't always have the last word in the NFL playoffs. Here are 12 under-the-radar players who could have a big influence on who makes the Super Bowl.

We know all about the superstars, but often in the playoffs it’s the unheralded player who steps up with a season-changing moment. Malcolm Butler, Jacoby Jones, David Tyree, Malcolm Smith ... the list of surprise stars throughout Super Bowl history is long. And on the road to Houston, the pivotal plays that determine which team moves on can come from just about any position on the field.

Who might add his name to the list of players who have flown under the radar before delivering memorable January moments this year? Below, we take a look at each playoff team’s X-factor, the players who could make or break their teams’ chances at Super Bowl LI.