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Does Tom Brady support Donald Trump?

A look at the relationship between President Trump and the Patriots’ quarterback.
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One of the subplots surrounding Sunday’s Super Bowl, given the state of current events, has been the relationship between President Donald Trump and the Patriots, chiefly quarterback Tom Brady.

Brady has refrained from openly supporting the controversial Trump, but the two are known to be friends. Trump frequently talks about his friendship with Brady in addition to Patriots coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft. That much is a fact.

Still, Brady dodged questions about Trump during Super Bowl media day, avoiding discussion of the President Trump's controversial policies, including his immigration executive order banning immigration and heavily restricting travel from seven Muslim–majority countries on a temporary basis. In September 2015, a “Make America Great Again” hat appeared in Brady’s locker. When asked about it, Brady said it would be "great" if Trump became president, because "there would be a putting green on the White House lawn." 

As the November election neared, Brady told reporters that his wife, Gisele Bundchen, made him stop talking politics on the record. So he largely refrained from commenting, even when he was repeatedly asked about Trump. 

Why Tom Brady's friendship with Donald Trump is the public's business

Bundchen, a supermodel from Brazil, has been outspoken against the immigration order in recent days, adding some confusion as to Brady’s position on the matter. She also emphatically said she did not support Trump during the campaign in an Instagram post.