Los Angeles Chargers NFL draft picks: 2017 round-by-round results, grades

Who will the Chargers take in the 2017 NFL draft? We’re breaking down every selection below.
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Back in L.A., the Chargers are trying to make a good first impression and climb out of the AFC West cellar. Who will they draft? Our draft expert Chris Burke is breaking down and grading every selection below.

Round 1, Pick 7 (No. 7 overall)

Mike Williams, WR, Clemson: The Chargers always looked like a potential sleeper landing spot for a wide receiver—Keenan Allen has had a hard time staying healthy, and they relied on players outperforming expectations last year. Williams gives QB Philip Rivers a big, physical receiver, something with which Rivers always has had great success. The cost of this for the Chargers is that they had to pass on safety Malik Hooker and defensive lineman Jonathan Allen, both of whom could have upgraded a defense that’s still shy on talent. Hooker, in particular, set up as a natural fit. Williams will make plays downfield, on slants and in the red zone. Will he make enough to help make up for any defensive issues L.A. has?​ GRADE: B–

Round 2, Pick 6 (No. 38) 

Forrest Lamp, G, Western Kentucky: There is a very real chance Lamp develops into this draft’s top lineman, so count it as a win for the Chargers that he fell into their laps at No. 38. They’ll have to use later picks on defense, but this is a clear best player available-meets-need scenario. Lamp’s arrival is great news for both RB Melvin Gordon and QB Philip Rivers.​ GRADE: A

Round 3, Pick 7 (No. 71)

Dan Feeney, G, Indiana: The Chargers will exit Friday with an offensive line that looks remarkably more put together than it was when the night began. Feeney and Round 2 selection Forrest Lamp both can be starters next season, perhaps paired together at the guard spots—the former definitely will be there; Lamp could push for a tackle job.​ Grade: A–

Round 4, Pick 6 (No. 113) Rayshawn Jenkins, S, Miami

Round 5, Pick 7 (No. 151) Desmond King, S, Iowa

Round 6, Pick 6 (No. 190) Sam Tevi, OT, Utah

Round 7, Pick 7 (No. 225) Isaac Rochell, DT, Notre Dame