Did he really expect anything else. 

By Dan Gartland
August 15, 2017

Let’s just get one thing clear right off the bat: this video certainly isn’t evidence of a long-simmering beef between Jaguars teammates Allen Robinson and Blake Bortles; it is, however, really funny. 

During a surprisingly eventful joint practice between the Jags and Buccaneers, one of Bortles’s throws took Robinson near the sideline and right in front of a reporter from Bucs site Pewter Report. The play itself was totally unremarkable, but make sure you watch with the sound on so you can hear Robinson, his voice laden with frustration, implore Bortles to “keep that s--- in bounds, bro.”

You’d think, after three seasons together, that Robinson would accustomed to Bortles’s inaccuracy by now.

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