“Crazy that at this point he’s out of a job,” Alex Smith said. 

By Dan Gartland
August 17, 2017

Add Alex Smith to the list of NFL players dumbfounded by Colin Kaepernick’s continued unemployment. 

Smith, Kaepernick’s former 49ers teammate, told the Kansas City Star it’s “crazy” Kaepernick remains without an NFL contract. 

“Crazy to think he’s not playing,” Kaepernick told the Star. “Yeah, that’s a crazy thing. As good as he was playing. Young, strong, I felt like he had a long career ahead of him. Crazy that at this point he’s out of a job.”

Smith and Kaepernick were teammates for two seasons in San Francisco before Kaepernick’s impressive job filling in for an injured Smith en route to an NFC championship led the Niners to deal Smith to Kansas City. 

Having spent those years with Kaepernick, Smith also told the Star he was surprised by his former teammate’s foray into activism.

“A lot’s changed in those few years obviously since I’ve been gone and came here,” Smith said. “Everything that’s gone on since, it’s not something I saw coming, knowing Kaep.”

Why They Are Protesting

Smith is hardly the first player to publicly wonder why Kaepernick can’t find a job. Richard Sherman has said Kaepernick is being treated “unfairly” and his unemployment is “not about football.” Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, Kaepernick’s college teammate, asked how guys like Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick can get signed before Kaepernick. 

The Ravens and Seahawks seriously considered signing Kaepernick earlier this offseason but neither deal came to fruition. Smith said he would welcome Kaepernick in Kansas City but it’s highly unlikely the Chiefs would sign him. KC already has its supposed quarterback of the future in rookie Patrick Mahomes, with Tyler Bray and Joel Stave competing for the third-string job. 

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