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Broncos’ Brandon Marshall Questions How Geno Smith Can Get a Job Before Kaepernick

Brandon Marshall asked the question on everybody’s mind. 

With the start of NFL training camps just days away, Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned, and yet several inferior quarterbacks have managed to find jobs. It’s an observation that fans and media members have been making all off-season, but now Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall is pointing it out, too. 

Marshall, who was a college teammate and Kaepernick’s, spoke with TMZ Sports about the former 49ers quarterback’s hunt for a job. He spoke glowingly about Kaepernick as a teammate before calling into question how interception machines like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith have jobs before Kaepernick. 

“I watch people on Twitter say, ‘Colin’s not good, he’s not a good NFL quarterback,’” Marshall said. “But what about the Geno Smiths of the world and Ryan Fitzpatricks, and all those guys? I’m like, if Kaep’s not good, then what are these guys? These guys are getting signed. You know, the Matt Barkleys and all that stuff. So that’s very shocking to me.”

Like Kaepernick, Marshall engaged in silent protest last season by kneeling during the national anthem and two of his sponsors cut ties with him as a result. He was also sent an angry letter riddled with racial slurs

TMZ also asked Marshall about Michael Vick’s recent comments that Kaepernick should cut his hair if he wants to get back into the NFL. 

“He should never have thought that way,” Marshall said. “Those words should have never come out of his mouth, just being a black man to another black man.”

Vick apologized to Kaepernick during a radio interview on Thursday.