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Browns' Joe Thomas Once Introduced Himself to His Quarterback in the Huddle

"I'm Joe, good to meet you."

Joe Thomas has played more than 10,000 consecutive snaps for the Cleveland Browns, which is an absolutely jaw-dropping statistic. When you couple his longevity with the laundry list of guys who have started at quarterback for the Browns in recent years, it's not surprising that Thomas hasn't been too familiar with every QB he's blocked for. 

But Thomas impressively named all 18 starting quarterbacks he's played with (it's now 19 with DeShone Kizer), which suggests he remembers at least a little about each player. Thomas, however, did not know who Josh Johnson was when he came in to replace (equally forgettable) Thad Lewis. He revealed as much on the Dan Patrick Show

If Thomas' memory is serving him correctly, the game he's referring to was a Week 17 matchup from the 2012 season. The Browns lost 24-10 to the Steelers, and Johnson came in for exactly one play. It was a 4th-and-9 in the fourth quarter. He fumbled. 

You've got to feel for Johnson in that situation—you come in for one play, you fumble, and the best player on the team doesn't even know your name.