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Video Surfaces of Peyton Manning's 2003 Sexual Assault Deposition

Video surfaced from Peyton Manning's 2003 sexual assault deposition. 

Video from Peyton Manning's sexual assault deposition in 2003 was made public by Inside Edition. In the video, Manning denies sexually assaulting Dr. Jamie Naughright, who was the director of health and wellness at the University of Tennessee when Manning was a student there.

The alleged incident took place in 1996, when Manning was a 19-year-old sophomore at Tennessee. Naughright claims that Manning put his testicles and anus in her face while she was examining him for an injury. Manning denies the claim and discussed it in an chapter in his book, which prompted Naughright to sue him for defamation. After a court ruled that there was sufficient evidence for the case to be heard by a jury, Manning and Naughright settled outside of court.

He sat for the deposition during the lawsuit. 

"I briefly pulled down my pants to so-call 'moon' him, one second, one and a half seconds," Manning says in the video. "Pulled my pants back up, and continued with Jamie's examination of the bottom of my foot."

Manning's lawyer, Matthew D. McGill, provided Inside Edition with a statement that claims Naughright told a very different story when the incident was first investigated and that Naughright left Manning's mother an abusive voicemail.