For the third time in six weeks, a last-second play made gamblers tear their hair out. 

By Dan Gartland
November 06, 2017

In what is becoming a bona fide trend, a last-second play on Monday Night Football made gamblers tear their hair out again this week. 

We already saw this happen with the Chiefs and Redskins in Week 4, and again with the Titans-Colts game in Week 6. Now it was the Packers’ turn. 

The Lions dominated Monday’s game in Green Bay and were leading 30–10 as Brett Hundley led the Packers on an inconsequential drive in the final two minutes. The clock hit zero when Hundley’s pass to Geronimo Allison fell to the ground—but DJ Hayden was called for pass interference in the end zone and the ball was spotted in the shadow of the goal line. 

On the ensuing untimed down, Jamaal Williams plunged in for a touchdown. The extra point made it 30–17. That’s 47 points between the two teams, or more than the 42.5 points most sportsbooks set their totals at. 

At this point, the smartest bet on MNF is that there will be a bad beat. 


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