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Behold, the Most Confident Premature Championship Tattoo of All Time

There are confident championship tattoos and there 

The premature tattoo is so passé at this point, but this Eagles fan has just reinvented the game. 

Eagles hype has reached a fever pitch in Philly as the team heads into its bye week. They’re 8–1, riding a seven-game win streak and sneaking up on the Patriots in the Super Bowl odds. One Eagles fan doesn’t just think the Eagles will win this year, he’s gone and put it in writing that he’s calling a three-peat. 


It’s usually a good idea in these instances to begin with the assumption that the tattoo is fake, but I’m really sure this is authentic. Either that, or he shaved his thigh and reddened the skin to make it a more convincing fake.

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For his sake, I hope it is fake. Not because I think the Eagles aren’t going to rip off three straight Super Bowl victories, but because the lettering looks like crap. 

[via @AmyLeighP]