Stephen Curry appears to be serious about getting involved on a bid for the Panthers.

By Chris Chavez
January 08, 2018

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry appears to be very serious about getting involved in a possible purchase of the Carolina Panthers, according to Brendan Marks of the Charlotte Observer.

“Obviously I have a day job, but I’ve got people that are plugged in and are trying to see how to make that happen,” Curry told reporters on Monday. “Nothing really to say about it besides that I’m very interested and very willing to do what it takes to make that happen.”

“All those things just combined – mainly just being the team that represents Charlotte on the national scale – that’s something I can plug into my hometown vibe, that’s a huge part of it," he added.​

Richardson is selling the team after multiple complaints of alleged workplace misconduct and sexual harassment from female team employees are being investigated by the NFL. The allegations against Richardson also include racially insensitive remarks toward a former Panthers scout.​​ 

Curry is a die-hard Panthers fan and tweeted at P. Diddy after the rapper expressed interest in buying the team.

The team is expected to fetch more than $2 billion. That would exceed Diddy's net worth of about $820 million, according to Forbes. Curry signed a five-year deal worth $201 million with the Warriors but that's also not nearly enough to buy an NFL team. Curry and Diddy would need other investors if they want to make a serious bid for the team.

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