NFL Announces 2018 London Schedule

The Seahawks, Raiders, Eagles, Jaguars, Titans and Chargers will play in London next season.
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The NFL announced on Thursday which teams will be playing in the league's international series in London next season.

In one of the games, the Philadelphia Eagles will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. That game is slated for Wembley Stadium on Oct. 21st or the 28th.

The Jaguars have committed to play at least one game in London every season until 2020.

The Seattle Seahawks are scheduled to face the Oakland Raiders, and the Los Angeles Chargers will take on the Tennessee Titans in another game.

Seattle's game will be on Oct. 14 at the new Tottenham Stadium in London, while the Chargers-Titans game will be at Wembley Stadium on Oct. 21st or the 28th.

The Raiders, Jaguars and the Chargers are the designated home teams for each matchup.

The league has played three games in London each of the past three seasons. The NFL started its International Series in 2007.

The Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers, and the Houston Texans are the only teams that have not played in London.