Best of the Philadelphia Police Scanner: Eagles Fans Celebrate First Super Bowl Title

Listen to some of the crazy things Eagles fans are doing, and how Philadelphia police are responding.
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Philadelphia Eagles fans took to the streets to celebrate after the team won its first Super Bowl title in franchise history with a 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday night.

We're rounding up sights and sounds from Philadelphia. We're also listening to the Philadelphia police scanner, just like we did after the Eagles beat the Vikings in the NFC Championship game.  

Here are some of things we overheard on the Philadelphia police scanner after the game. We'll continue updating this post as celebrations continue in Philadelphia. 

• "We got people up on a ledge. If they don't belong there can we get them down."

• "Everybody so far is behaving."

• "We're getting calls from Temple police. Cars are driving at high-rate speeds off Broadway."

• "There's about 2,000 people here are the art museum. They're starting to break off."

• "Somebody is flying a drone." 

• "I need one of our wagons with some barricades please at 7100 Germantown."

• "They're lighting off fireworks on Frankford and Sheffield."

• "I got a lot of vehicle traffic and low visibility. We need to slow people down."

• "Franford and Teesdale I need three to five more officers for crowd control."

• "From Central you got a large crowd at City Hall climbing the fence."

• "I have a female here that has trouble breathing."

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• "A female bust her lip. I was gonna call a medic, but it looks like she'll walk it off."

• "We got a visual of the person flying the drone. We're going to get him." 

• "There should be no one on top of the trash truck."

• Police call a rapid response team.

• "I got two white males, black jackets, and blue jeans jumping up and down on a tractor-trailer."

• "Got a Christmas tree fire. Tell 'em get the fire extinguisher out of my truck to put it out."

• "Got a male bleeding from the head. Have them walk that male out of the area for rescue." 

• "They just flipped a car in front of the hotel."

• "We got several people climbing traffic lights at 15th and Walnut."

• Police also apparently requested backup from Homeland Security.

• "We're gonna need bike support. They're trying to tear multiple light posts down."

• "We have a crowd chanting free Meek Mill, throwing cans and bottles."

• "I need units. They have the street light almost torn down."