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Here Are the Five Funniest Commercials that Aired During Super Bowl Sunday

On football's biggest stage, these commercials delivered on a tradition of memorable moments from Super Bowl Sunday.

The Eagles beat the Patriots 41–33 in a highly entertaining Super Bowl on Sunday. But while the Eagles won the game, who won the commercials?

More than 100 million Americans watch the Super Bowl every year, and advertisers dole out millions of dollars for commercials during the game. During Sunday's game between the Patriots and Eagles, advertisers paid more than $5 million for a 30-second spot. But not all Super Bowl commercials are created equal. 

Over the years, Super Bowl commercials have drawn celebrity appearances and started viral campaigns. This year saw much of the same, as commercials provided laughs, entertainment and emotional moments—plus a head-scratching decision to use Martin Luther King Jr. to sell cars

Here are some of the best Super Bowl commercials from Sunday.

Amazon - "Alexa Loses Her Voice"


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos got creative with arguably the most popular ad Sunday. In this ad, Alexa loses her voice, causing high-profile stars to replace her. Cameos included Cardi B, Gordon Ramsey, Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins. 

Cure Auto Insurance - "Civil Society"

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Cure Auto Insurance wasted little time throwing shots at the New England Patriots' questionable history with NFL rules.

Groupon - "Who Wouldn't"

Groupon enlists the help of 2017 breakout comedy sensation Tiffany Haddish to promote the discount coupon service. Haddish delivered a memorable story of her use of the service with Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

NFL - "Touchdown Celebrations to Come"

Eli Manning has a history of amusing appearances in NFL commercials, but none have been as popular as this ad. The two-time Super Bowl MVP partners with teammate Odell Beckham Jr. to synchronize touchdown celebrations in advance of a new NFL season. Lots of dancing ensues. There's something about those Manning brothers and their marketability.

Tide - "It's a Tide Ad"


It's hard to think of a laundry detergent company finding a way to create a memorable ad, but with the help of David Harbour, Tide manages to make fun of ads for cars, beer, Old Spice and more while delivering a simple message: "It's a Tide Ad."