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SI's complete coverage of Deflategate

SI's complete coverage of the investigation into the New England Patriots for deflating footballs used in the AFC Championship Game.

After handing down a debilitating set of penalties to the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady for their roles in the Deflategate infractions, it's the NFL's turn to go on the defensive. Tom Brady and the NFLPA filed an appeal of Brady's decision, citing the NFL's "history of inconsistency and arbitrary decisions in disciplinary matters," and team owner Robert Kraft was vocal in proclaiming Brady and his staff's innocence before accepting the Patriots' penalties at the league's owners meetings on Tuesday. (Brady's appeal of his suspension will go forward, as the NFLPA seeks to set a precedent for future discipline rulings.) As all sides lay out their cases and the debate over how much of an advantage underinflated footballs can possibly provide grinds on, keep track of every angle from's coverage of the Deflategate saga below.


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. Next in the Deflategate drama: The Brady Appeal

By Andrew Brandt

Tired of the lawyerspeak this NFL offseason? Well, hang on a little longer. The union’s appeal of Tom Brady’s four-game suspension is next on the docket, with Judge Roger Goodell presiding.

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. Kraft takes diplomatic route, won't appeal Patriots' punishment

By Austin Murphy

Robert Kraft’s journey from anger to acceptance in the wake of the NFL's punishment of the Patriots was the most surprising development of owners meetings.

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. Robert Kraft speaks, and he's not happy

By Peter King

The Patriots owner is ‘really worked up’ at the unprecedented penalty the NFL levied on his team based on what he tells The MMQB is ‘ambiguous evidence.’

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. Goodell hearing Brady's appeal could be a good thing

By Michael McCann

Roger Goodell presiding over Tom Brady's appeal may turn out to give the Patriots' star quarterback better odds of winning.