Ex-Texans Cheerleader Says She Was Duct Taped for Being 'Skinny Fat'

Angelina Rosa is the sixth former cheerleader to join a lawsuit against the Texans.
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A sixth former Texans cheerleader is suing the team, claiming that she was body shamed, according to NBC News.

In a press conference on Friday, Angelina Rosa claimed that her skin was duct taped without her consent because she was considered "skinny fat" by her coach.

Rosa described how her coach once asked her to stay behind when her teammates went out to the field and then threatened to cut her from the team. Suddenly, a group of alumni and her coach used tape with the Texans logo on it to pull her skin tight. They told her it would "hurt a little."

"My skin was being torn because of the movements," Rosa said. She also said her skin got sweaty and irritated under the tape.

Rosa joins a lawsuit filed earlier this month against the Texans by five former cheerleaders. In the suit, they claimed that they weren't paid for all of the hours they worked and were bullied and sexually harassed.


After the lawsuit was filed, the Texans released a statement saying, "We have reviewed the complaints and look forward to vigorously defending ourselves against these allegations."

This lawsuit is not the only one filed recently by cheerleaders against NFL teams. Last week, a former Cowboys cheerleader filed a suit claiming that the team failed to pay her minimum wage and overtime. She also claimed that she was paid only a quarter of what the mascot made.

Former cheerleaders for the Saints and Dolphins have also filed complaints, claiming that they were sexually harassed and discriminated against.

At the press conference, Rosa described her time with the Texans as a "hostile work environment" and said that she developed unhealthy eating habits. She tried to only eat popcorn and drink water at one point in an attempt to lose weight.

Gloria Allred, the attorney of the six cheerleaders, read a statement at the press conference that she wrote to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about the allegations.

"The NFL should stand for more than just greed," Allred said. "Mr. Goodell, you dropped the ball. Instead of scoring a goal for women's rights, you retreated back to the locker room with your head down."

Amy Palcic, the Texans' vice president of communications, said the team had no additional comment on Friday.